The main product of this website is HEDP, an organic phosphonic acid in water treatment. HEDP can be used as a scale inhibitor or as a metal cleaner. However, there are more water treatment products in the water treatment industry.


According to different USES and processes, the main types of water treatment chemicals are as follows.

Water Treatment Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis Pure Water System

Synergetic preparation can effectively prevent the formation of scale and microbial viscosity, improve the system desalination rate and water yield, and prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane.

Circulating Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Circulating cooling water treatment chemicals ensure that the cooling tower, chiller, and other equipment are in the best running state. They can effectively control the microbial flora, inhibit the production of scale, and prevent corrosion of pipeline equipment. To reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Synergetic preparation can prevent the boiler from corroding and scaling. It can stabilize the boiler water quality and ensure the normal operation of the boiler. Synergistic combination preparation can reduce the boiler consumption and prolong the service life of the boiler.

In addition, the preparation of wastewater treatment needs to be done well. Water treatment technology combined with depth treatment can be used for a long time. It also saves a lot of water.

Dispersants Play an Important Role in Many Water Treatment Chemicals

When the system is of high hardness and alkalinity, chelators and dispersants are not sufficient to prevent them from settling. If there are no dispersants, the growth of the dirt will follow the general rule of the growth of the crystal, and the formation of dirt will be firmly attached to the surface of the heat exchanger.

If there is enough of dispersant, scale particles (is made up of hundreds of thousands of CaCO3 molecules) surrounded by adsorption and dispersant, prevent dirt particles are arranged in its rules on the crystal lattice of the crystal lattice, resulting in a dirt soft and easy to be water washed away.

HEDP Can Be Used as a Scale Inhibitor or as a Metal Cleaner

There are many kinds of scaling on the surface of the metal, such as oil-soluble scaling, water-soluble scaling, metal rust, and scaling. HEDP is mainly used to clean inorganic scale, alkaline oxide, and hydroxide of the metal surface.

The commonly used organic acids metal cleaning agent is HEDP acid. In the process of pickling, HEDP acid cannot only dissolve scaling but also play a role in inorganic scale.

On the one hand, the composition of inorganic salts changes, and some inorganic salts are converted to soluble salts. For example, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are converted to calcium chloride and magnesium chloride by hydrochloric acid.

The other part is converted into new insoluble salts, but the new insoluble salts formed in a short time are dispersed and easily washed away.

Therefore, the effective utilization of the characteristics of HEDP can greatly reduce the formation of the scale of the metal surface. So that the metal equipment can work better in production.


Wide Applications of HEDP in Water Treatment Chemicals