Etidronic acid (Etidronate) is a kind of organic phosphonic acid. It is used in detergents, water treatment, cosmetics and pharmaceutical treatment. The chemical information, structural formula and specifications about etidronic acid, please refer to HEDP acid.

Etidronate is a kind of bisphosphonate, abbreviated MnHEDP (M: is a cation, n: number of M maximum 4). The details about etidronate, please refer to Wikipedia.

Etidronate (Etidronic Acid) is another name for HEDP. But in the cosmetic and medical fields, most cases are called as etidronic acid instead of HEDP. The same as etidronate. In addition to water treatment industry, etidronic acid and etidronate are also used in cosmetics and medicine. Applications in both two industry (cosmetics& medicine) are the focus of this page.

Etidronate and Etidronic Acid Uses

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  • Doctor’s Advice on Etidronate (Bisphosphonate)

  • [PDF] Etidronic Acid (A Review of its Pharmacological Properties and Therapeutic Efficacy in Resorptive Bone Disease)

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