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Wide Applications of HEDP in Water Treatment Chemicals

Wide Applications of HEDP in Water Treatment Chemicals The main product of this website (www.irohedp.com) is HEDP, an organic phosphonic acid in water treatment. HEDP can be used as a scale inhibitor or as a metal cleaner. However, there are more water treatment products in the water treatment industry. According to different USES and processes, the main types of water treatment chemicals are as follows. Water Treatment Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis Pure Water System Synergetic preparation can effectively prevent the formation of scale and microbial viscosity, improve the system desalination rate and water yield, and prolong the service [...]

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the Chelation of HEDP Phosphonate in Water Treatment

the Chelation of HEDP Phosphonate in Water Treatment HEDP phosphate is the main corrosion inhibitor in water treatment industry. Phosphonic acid groups, such as organic phosphates. They are usually ATMP, EDTMPS, HEDP, DTPMPA, PEAPP, PBTCA, and HPAA. HEDP phosphate has good scale resistance to calcium carbonate and zinc scale. These organic phosphates have corrosion resistance ability. They have good synergistic effect with other polymers and zinc salts. In particular, the latter three has a high tolerance to calcium ions and is suitable for high concentration of time. HEDP phosphate has a certain chelating capacity in addition to corrosion [...]

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Two Uses of Organic Phosphonic Acid, HEDP

Two Uses of Organic Phosphonic Acid, HEDP HEDP is an organic phosphonic acid that can be used in many fields. HEDP and its sodium salts (HEDP Na, HEDP Na2, HEDP Na4) are called all-purpose organic phosphine products. HEDP and its sodium salts have occupied a large proportion of global sales of corrosion inhibitors. Now, you will better understand HEDP and its sodium products here. Two Uses of Organic Phosphonic Acid, HEDP. They are scale Inhibitors and metal cleaning agents. First, let us understand the inhibition mechanism of organic phosphonic acid. As for the organic phosphonic acid, its inhibition [...]

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Why Does HEDP Acid So Popular?

Why Does HEDP Acid So Popular? In the water treatment industry, people all know how important the HEDP is and how widely used it is. After reading this article, you can see why does HEDP so popular. HEDP has excellent corrosion resistance to carbon steel, copper and copper alloys. It has good dispersion properties for calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. HEDP is the most important scale inhibitor in IROCHEM. It is mainly used in the open circulating cooling water treatment system. This acid is especially suitable for copper equipment system. HEDP acid can be used for high pH, high alkalinity, [...]

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What Are the Preparation Methods and Other USES of HEDP

What Are The Preparation Methods and Other USES of HEDP HEDP is the main product of IROCHEM. It has the most sales of all organophosphoric antiscale and corrosion inhibitors in IRO. The HEDP market is in great demand. In order to meet the requirements of clients, IRO has optimized and improved the production of HEDP. Among the many methods of preparing HEDP in the industry, the following three methods are mainly used. Preparation Methods of HEDP The First Method The glacial acetic acid reacts with phosphorus trichloride. Then to concentrate the acylation products and phosphorus trichloride hydrolysis products. [...]

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HEDP – The Best Organophosphoric Antiscale and Corrosion Inhibitor

HEDP - The Best Organophosphoric Antiscale and Corrosion Inhibitor In order to better development of the water treatment industry and meet clients' requirements, IROCHEM has manufactured a series of new products. Such as amino trimeric acid (ATMP), hydroxy ethylene diphosphonic acid (HEDP), ethylenediamine tetramethyl phosphonic acid (EDTMP), diethylenetriamine pentamethyl phosphonic acid (DTPMP), polyhydric alcohol phosphine acid ester, 2 phosphonobutane-L, 2 4-tricarboxylic acid (PBTCA), 2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid (HPAA), polyhydric alcohol phosphate ester (PAPE) and polyamino polyether methylene phosphonate (PAPEMP). However, the study of organic phosphine inhibitors continues to develop. There are a lot of reports about organophosphoric antiscale and corrosion [...]

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The Growth of HEDP Demand Rises Industry Competition

The Growth of HEDP Demand Rises Industry Competition In recent years, the demand for HEDP market in China has been increasing year by year. In 2017, the demand of HEDP in China is about 1456,000 tons. And it is estimated that the HEDP acid demand will reach 2608,000 tons by 2020. HEDP is short for hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid. Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, transportation, light industry, textile and other industries. HEDP (hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid) can be used as a corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, metal chelating agent, peroxide stabilizer, peroxide curing agent, complexing agent of [...]

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What are The Prospects of Graphene in Desalination And Water Treatment

What Are the Prospects of Graphene in Desalination and Water Treatment? In 2017, scientists in Britain and China have used different methods to achieve the control of graphene oxide layer spacing. That makes the smaller the water molecules can pass graphene oxide. And the salt ions are blocked. The results show the great potential of graphene oxide in desalination. Graphene oxide is the "twin brother" of graphene. Since 2004, British physicists have used the incredible "rip tape" method in the laboratory to extract single-layer graphene from large graphite. Until then, scientists have theorized that single-layer graphene could not [...]

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How to Choose the Right Defoaming Agents?

How to Choose the Right Defoaming Agents? The choice of defoaming agent should meet the following requirements: The Defoaming Agent Is Insoluble Or Difficult to Dissolve in The Foaming Liquid In order to deflate foam, the defoaming agent should be concentrated and concentrated on the surface of the bubble. In the case of the defoaming agents, it should be concentrated in an instant. And it should be kept in this state in the case of bubble suppression. Therefore, the defoaming agent should be oversaturated in the foaming solution. And it is easy to reach the over-saturation state [...]

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The Secret of Defoaming Agents – Part One

The Secret of Defoaming Agents - Part One Foam problems in the water treatment have existed for a long time. Such as initial debugging foam, surfactant foam, bursting foam, peroxide foam and so on. The use of the defoaming agents is more common in water treatment. The mechanism, classification of the defoaming agents are introduced in this article. (If you want to reprint this essay, please indicate the source - www.irohedp.com) Defoaming Agent Mechanism The defoaming agent, also known as antifoaming agent, has the following mechanism: 1  Decrease the Partial Surface Tension and Causes the Foam [...]

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