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CAS No. 29329 71 3

Molecular Formula: C2H7O7P2Na

Molecular Weight: 228.93

Sodium Etidronate Sructural Formula

Etidronate Sodium, HEDP Na, HEDP Monosodium

Sodium Etidronate, HEDP Na


Sodium etidronate (HEDP Na) has a good ability to control and complex the metal ions. It can dissolve the oxidized materials. Etidronate sodium has good scale and corrosion inhibition effects even under 250℃. It is completely soluble in water and generally shows excellent solubility in an alkaline environment. Sodium etidronate is stable at high pH value. It is not easy to be hydrolyzed and decomposed under normal light and heat condition. Same as other HEDP sodium salts (etidronate, HEDP Na2, HEDP Na4), its acid/alkaline and chloride oxidation tolerance are better than that of other organic phosphonic acids.

Sodium etidronate (HEDP Na) is used as a stabilizer in cosmetic-dye industry, in formulations containing bleach and hypo, it also prevents swelling problems of the packages. HEDP Na provides chlorine resistance in swimming pools, removes stains and crusts from the centre (usage level 1-15 ppm active substance).

Etidronate sodium can form six-ring chelating compounds with metal ions in the water system, Ca2+ in particular. It has good scale inhibition effects and obvious dissolution threshold effects. When used with other water treatment agents, the synergistic effects is better.

Sodium etidronate (HEDP Na) is used as a chelating agent which binds to hard water metal ions and softens the water. It is also used in medicine to strengthen bone and treat osteoporosis.

Item Index
Appearance colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Active content (HEDP) % 19.0-21.0
Fe, mg/L ≤ 20
Ph value (1% water solution) 2.3 – 2.9
Density (20°C) g/cm3 1.11 – 1.21


  • Used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system

  • Used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in medium and low pressure boiler

  • Used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in oil field water pipelines

  • Used as peroxide stabilizer and dye-fixing agent in dyeing industry

  • Used as chelating agent in non-cyanide electroplating

  • Used in medicine to strengthen bone and treat osteoporosis

When used as scale inhibitor, the dosage 2-20mg/l is preferred

when used as the corrosion inhibitor, the dosage 20-100mg/l is preferred,

when used as the chelating agent, the dosage 1000-2000mg/l is preferred.

Usually, HEDP•Na is used together with polycarboxylic acid.

Packing& Storage


Sodium Etidronate (HEDP Na), good pack.


Sodium Etidronate (HEDP Na): 200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L).

All above can be packed as customers’ requirements.


Ten months in room shady and dry place.

Safety Protection

Attention!Sodium Etidronate (HEDP Na) is acidic. Avoid it contacts with eye and skin. Once contacted, flush with water.

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