HEDP 60 refers to the proportion of active HEDP components in solution reaching 60%. Why is the HEDP 60 liquid so popular? This is because cost performance of HEDP 60% is satisfactory.

HEDP 60 has been developed as a corrosion inhibitor for many years. The United States, China, Germany, and other countries have conducted in-depth studies. Organic phosphine compounds that can be used as corrosion inhibitors mainly include organic acids and their salt derivatives. Among them, organic phosphonates are very popular as a corrosion and scale inhibitor.

hedp 60

Organic phosphine corrosion inhibitors are similar in many respects to polyphosphates. The poor hydrolysis of organic phosphonates is a significant advantage that distinguishes them from the latter. Therefore, HEDP 60 is particularly suitable for high hardness, high pH, high temperature running cooling water systems. HEDP 60 has good corrosion inhibition properties and excellent calcium carbonate (magnesium) scale inhibition properties.

Boiler corrosion and scale inhibitor consist of alkaline substances and organic compounds. Add HEDP 60 corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion on the heated surface. The chemical reacts with the calcium salt and magnesium salt in the water through the chemical reaction in the furnace to generate water slag. In order to reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water, it will not form scale.

Organic substances in boiler corrosion inhibitors increase the fluidity of the slag, making it easier to discharge. At the same time, HEDP 60 will also form a barrier and protective film on the metal surface. It prevents scale formation on the heated surface and protects the heated surface from corrosion. To Ensure the normal operation of the boiler. From this perspective, HEDP will also play a role in anti-scaling. Especially in boilers with severe sulfate and silicate scale, HEDP has a more pronounced corrosion and scale inhibition effect.

Metal cleaning agent

Metal cleaning agents are used for the maintenance of machines, machinery, automobiles, etc. It mainly uses diesel, kerosene or gasoline as cleaning fluid to clean parts. This is not only a waste of energy but also a potential source of insecurity. A little carelessness may cause a fire. In recent years, HEDP 60 metal cleaning agents have been widely used. This metal cleaner is stable in performance. It can replace diesel, kerosene, and gasoline to clean parts. It is cheap, safe and suitable for mechanized cleaning. The HEDP 60 can clean the structure on the metal and make the device use normally.

IRO’s HEDP products are not only HEDP 60 but also solid HEDP, HEDP Na2, HEDP Na4 and many other products.

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What Is the Performance of HEDP 60 in Industrial Production?

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