HEDP Chemical Water Treatment in 2018

Industrial water treatment includes every process that aims to treat wastewater produced by industries around the world. Nowadays, Water treatment systems vary a lot. They can range from a relatively simple process to a complicated one that serves a wide range of applications.

The main purpose of an industrial water treatment system is to treat water in a way. So that it more suitable for a specific use. That use could be consumption, manufacturing or just disposal. Some of the most well-known industrial water treatment methods include the following: wastewater treatment system, raw water systems, and boiler feed treatment systems. In each of the above systems, there is a special kind of equipment that is being used. In order to achieve the best result. Water treatment is used to prevent four basic problems: corrosion, scaling, microbiological growth and the wastewater problem.

Corrosion includes the oxidization of a metal surface (made of iron for example). That gradually leads to the compromise of the industry’s water treatment equipment. Scaling is the process of the formation of solid deposits from the dissolved in the water mineral salts. Microbiological growth is a common enough condition when the cooling water is left untreated with so many nutrients dissolved into it. Lastly, the wastewater problem is extremely apparent in modern day industries. The main reason is that the disposal of such water is a complicated and costly process.

Nowadays, water treatment is more and more essential. Since the lack of it can lead to severe problems, even fatal ones. Poor water treatment allows water to interact with the inner surfaces of both vessels and pipes. Therefore the pipes or vessels become corroded. This can lead to the quick growth of bacteria and the final consequence could be the fatal Legionnaires’ disease.

There are quite a lot of manufacturers around the world who have focused their companies on producing chemicals. That is used in the water treatment process. One of the leading companies in the field of water treatment is Shandong IRO Water Treatment Co., Ltd. Although a relatively small scale company, IRO has been developed a lot throughout the years. The IRO company has become a renowned force in the water treatment field.

Water treatment chemicals are the milestone of every successful water treatment process. Choosing the ones with the utmost quality can be quite tricky actually. The reason is that there are so many manufacturers around the world. The Shandong IRO company offers many different products that are considered ideal chemicals for industrial water treatment applications.

Some of the most well-known chemicals are the following: scale inhibitors, dispersants, algaecides, corrosion inhibitors, and scavengers. All of these chemicals are used in the industrial water treatment. The water treatment chemicals play a positive role in the production and protection of the environment.

HEDP phosphate chelating

One of the most used chemicals is known under the name HEDP 60%. This compound is actually a phosphonic acid which is being used as a corrosion inhibitor. It reacts with certain inorganic ions, such as Fe, Cu, and Zn. In order to produce stable compounds. The main property of these compounds is their ability to dissolve the oxidized materials on the surface. The only condition is that the surface should be made by one of the three inorganic ions. The HEDP chemical compound shows extremely high synergistic effects. So, it is used with other industrial water treatment chemicals.

Nowadays, HEDP water treatment is a highly effective method for treating industrial wastewater. HEDP 60 is used as a corrosion inhibitor as well as scale inhibitor in cooling water system and oilfields. It is being used in the dyeing industry, the woven industry, and the chemical industry and metallurgy. It is also most commonly used together with polycarboxylic acids. Shandong IRO offers clients a high quality of HEDP 60% that has also great purity.

Undoubtedly, water is an essential part of every industry. Industrial water treatment can really help industries reduce waste and fees. That comes from different disposal methods. Nowadays, advancements in water treatment technology are more apparent than ever. Filtering procedures, as well as complicated water treatment technology. They are essential tools for removing contaminants before water is used in the industry. Every water treatment progress in industrial can really help in achieving the high demands of modern life. Particularly during an era when the environment is damaged by the human at such an extreme level.